A pressure cooker saves time and energy by cooking foods three to ten times faster than ordinary methods. Economical meat cuts turn into tender mouth-watering meals in minutes. Pressure cooking preserves nutrients, flavors, and garden colors. Most importantly, pressure cooked foods taste great; try any of our favorites.

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Relatively easy to preserve, high acid foods are the popular choice for home canners. Acid foods are all fruits and tomatoes. Soft spreads, salsa, relish and pickles are heat processed in a boiling-water canner. A temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit is reached and must be maintained for times specified in these recipes.

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Vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood and recipes using these ingredients require greater heat exposure to destroy harmful toxin-producing bacterial spores. Low acid foods must be superheated to a temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit and held there for an amount of time specified in these recipes.

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