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Pressure Cooker Accessories Guide

Pressure cookers have changed over the years and really have changed the way we cook. With a pressure cooker we can make meals in matter of minutes instead of hours of hissing and waiting. So if it is time for a new one or if you are new to pressure cookers here are some helpful information you need to know.
Pressure cooker purchase and accessories

For pressure cookers, six quarts is standard for most recipes.

Make sure that your pressure cooker can adjust the pressure from low, medium and high.

Remember that the safety valve will automatically vent the steam so there is no need to keep taking of the lid.

When purchasing a pot, try to choose the one with heat resistant handles and an easy to maneuver lid.

An important accessory to have is a timer to make sure your food will cook properly and not overcook and destroy the flavor of your food.

  A steamer basket is another useful took when cooking with a pressure cooker. You can cook your vegetables on the top and food at the bottom, preparing two meals at one time.

  If you decide to cook deserts with your pressure cooker, make sure you have a 5-cup heatproof soufflé dish that will fit inside the cooker.

  If you are making pudding then you will need 1/2-cup heatproof ramekins

  For cheesecakes, you will need 7-8 inch spring foam pan that will be able to fit inside your pressure cooker.

  To prevent food sticking at the bottom of your cooker like rice, beans, or pasta, make sure to buy a heat-diffuser. This will prevent any contact between the food at the bottom and the heat.

  You might also need a rack but this usually comes with your pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker Accessories

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